PROJECT NAME:  Site protections Merano (BZ) | ITALY

TYPOLOGY: Tender | Landscape | Large Size project

YEAR: 2016



CONCEPT: The project is developed in 4 interventions: 3 sites within the historical city center of Merano and one just outside the city limit. All of them

The first site is part of an archaeology site from World War I, an entrance of a Bunker. The site protection during the tunnel contraction will become a display for explain the history. Bench, panels and screens will enrich the area.

The second site is just in front of the main cathedral, next to a famous sculpture of Saint Nicolas that will be part of the fence. The material used in the case is a performed sheets that will light up during the night time. The shape of the fence is contemporary and edgy, and will become a bench to a lower side of the fence.

The third site is in the middle of the famous walk “summer walk”. The path around the work site will be enlarged in order to keep the beautiful path open during the work construction. The fence will be completely covered my mirrors, in order to have a complete fusion with the beautiful surrounding landscape.

The last site is the larger one, at the exit to the city and facing scenic landscape and prestigious residential neighbourhood. A big wall will be movable and follow the site of the new road, and will be covered by a green wall organized in panels covered by plants.