PROJECT NAME: Courtyard park Milan

LOCATION: Milan, Italy

TYPOLOGY: Approved | Landscape | Medium Size project

YEAR: 2017


CODESIGNER: Arch. Maria Teresa d'Agostino

CLIENT: Blue Stone Group, Milan

CONTRACTOR: to be assigned

CONCEPT: The project is the requalification of one of teh ex ATM sites. A new residential building (designed my M2P Associati) will face and hold the street edge. Inside the block a 3000 m² of park that will be public during the day and closed during the night time. The entrance will be at the corner of the street’s intersection, and will lead the user through an “urban canyon” where the vegetation is organised tall at the edge and low in the center to show the park to the user. In the center a big lawn partially covered with trees with attached a system of rooms with different uses. The vegetation  chosen is mostly evergreen in order to give a sense of protection for the private.