PROJECT NAME:  Requalified Borrow Pits

TYPOLOGY: Public tender | Landscape | Large Size project

YEAR: 2016


CLIENT: Private


CONCEPT: The re qualification of the Borrow Pits bases its main concept on the “Braided river”. 

When the river arrives from the mountains into the flat lands, its water not channeled anymore moves freely and designed into the land a network of small channels and temporary islands. 

The new lakes that will find place always next to the river, will be a man-made landscape where water, natural zones and parks are braided all together in order to provide a unique collection of parks fully merged with the existing landscape.

WATER will be the main element, with different depths, will provide habitats for many animals and opportunities for many activities.

NATURE natural areas will become habitat for the listed animals.

FACILITIES dedicated places for sport fishing, parks, bird watching all linked through a system of paths for pedestrians and bicycles.