PROJECT NAME:  Tramway de Nice

TYPOLOGY:  Conceptual design | Landscape | large Size project

YEAR: 2012




CONCEPT: Conceptual study produced on behalf of Policreo S.r.l., for the graphic that will be placed on the barrier (3 to 9 m high) of the five construction sites for the new tramway of the city of Nice, France.

Through elements of the existing local landscape (sea, waves, sky and shore vegetation) or events typical of the city (carnival), will be created a unique “painting” for each situation, and will make the construction site more pleasant for the residence and visitors of Nice. The construction sites of the future tramway stations of Grosso, Alsace, Medicin, Durandy and Garibaldi will be differentiated by a unique graphic.

All images realized in collaboration with Policreo S.r.l. | Propriety of Policreo S.r.l.