PROJECT NAME:  Green acustic barrier

TYPOLOGY:  Conceptual design | Landscape | large Size project

YEAR: 2014



CONSULTERS:  Vivaio Valfredda

CONCEPT:   The noise protection between the port area and the city of La Spezia is 700 m long, oriented to north and parallel to an existing row of trees (Plane tree). The protection is composed by three elements: Glass at the top of the barrier, metal structure and vegetation.   Next to most of the trees has been created a “window” that allows to see over the port area and celebrate the presence of the tree.

Developed on behalf of Policreo S.r.l. the landscape concept is that will be used mainly plants with green colors, from the darker (almost black) to the lightest (yellow). Next to the windows, the vegetation will be darker to reinforce the presence of the tree and the presence of nature and architecture. Only in special position, like the exit of the Naval high school or a bus stop, will be introduced plants with seasonal fluorescents. All following an organic design, trying to obtain a “live painting” effect, that will be changing in every season of the year.

All images realized in collaboration with Policreo S.r.l. | Propriety of Policreo S.r.l.