TYPOLOGY:  Full design | Landscape | Medium Size project

YEAR: 2014



CONSULTERS:  Architectural consulter: Arch. R. Gasparini

CONCEPT: This park is located at the end of a low traffic street, in a residential area for young families. The presence of some power lines (30 meters up in the air) really shaped the layout of the park. Above the lines a lawn with a triangular shape to be used for temporary events and sport.

In the remaining area a system of rooms: near the entrance of the park and drop off we can find a community building with some seating areas outdoor on a terrace overlooking the rest of the park. Then a tot lot for the younger kids and a colored garden with a central sculpture will create a more contemplative space for the adults. All surrounded by a pedestrian system all along the external perimeter of the park and some secondary park crossing and defining the green rooms.

The park has been taken through full construction documents.