PROJECT NAME:  Boulevard Plaza

TYPOLOGY:  Conceptual design | Landscape | Medium Size project

YEAR: 2014



CONSULTERS:  Renders: Arch. R. Gasparini

CONCEPT: The Boulevard plaza has a surface of 4000 m², and it is divided in two areas parallels to the main boulevard that leads to the main Club House of the new town.  Next to commercial, the green area is organized around small rectangular laws and surrounded by trees with a tick canopy, the space will provide shade for outdoor cafes and seating areas with fixed table and movable chairs.

For the paving that will connect the two parts of the plaza crossed by the main boulevard, it will created a special pallet of colours and textures of local stones. In the project will have a particular importance the lighting that on the main boulevard will be significant on the Royal Palms, that will make the entrance to the Club House even more spectacular.

The park has been developed conceptually.