PROJECT NAME:  Arrival Plaza

TYPOLOGY:  Full design | Landscape | Medium Size project

YEAR: 2014



CONSULTERS:  Architectural consulter: Arch. R. Gasparini

CONCEPT: The Arrival plaza is the first open spaces to be designed for the new development called Sangvi Masterplan (1.2 Km²) in the city of Shirwal,India. The Plaza has a surfice of 8500 m² and it is divided in two parts.

The western side of the plaza, the one in front of the main boulevard, has a formal character, and the landscape reflects it function. The option chosen by the client is the option 1, a system of colored parterres with a central path flanked by two rows of tress. Between the parterres and the semicircular building a canopy with cloth in order to create shade along it.

The park has been taken through full construction documents.