PROJECT NAME: Private garden Masterplan

LOCATION: Brescia, Italy

TYPOLOGY: Partially Built | Landscape | Small Size project

YEAR: 2011

DIMENSIONS: 2,500 m²

PLANT: Varies aromatic  plants, Varies Hydrangeas

NURSERY PLANT: Aromatic plants: Delaini, Hydrangeas: Le Ortensie di Corinna

CONSTRUCTION: Metal work: Giorgio Lancelloti, Hydrangeas: Le Ortensie di Corinna

CONCEPT: The garden, originally designed in the late 60s, is organized in 4 different terraces distributed across 25 m of height difference. The new masterplan identifies 10 zones to be updated in a phased process. Thus far 4 areas have been implemented: a scent garden, the house’s entrance (Hydrangea Macrophylla), the kitchen garden border (Hydrangeas Teller) and the  propriety border (Hydrangeas Annabelle).