PROJECT NAME:  Theater of/for Solitude

TYPOLOGY: ENSP School Project| Landscape | Medium Size project

YEAR: 2009


CLIENT: ENSP ATELIER 01 | Laurence Crémel - Mathieu Gontier


CONCEPT: This proposal concerns the Swiss Lake (la pièce d'eau des Suisses),  a man-made body of water adjacent to L’Orangerie du Château de Versailles. Although the chateau and its formal gardens are among the most visited places in France, this particular site appears most of the time to be empty and dead, communicating loneliness and solitude. Adding to this sense is the near-constant fog obscuring the water, a microclimate sustained by the broad surface of the lake (13 hectares) bordered by a wooded area. My research illuminates the story of the site and its dedicated inhabitants. The design proposal offers “Four Interventions,”  all stemming from the idea of oranges escaping (fleeing) from the adjacent tourist-packed garden. Each landscape installation is orange; one will provide spots to appreciate the solemnity of the landscape, while others, though visually playful and ironic, draw further attention to the isolating effect of this singular landscape.