PROJECT NAME: Private terrace 01

LOCATION: Brescia, Italy

TYPOLOGY: Conceptual Study | Landscape | Small Size project

YEAR: 2013


CLIENT: Ing.Francesca Ferrari


CONCEPT: This penthouse terrace in the center of Brescia runs the entire length of the apartment. With its northerly orientation,, the terrace becomes hot and inaccessible in the summer time. New highrise residences across the way result in a total lack of privacy. The new design calls for three green outdoor “rooms” connected by a “corridor” adjacent to the external wall. Each green room is directly related to the corresponding room inside the apartment,. Beside the kitchen, an outdoor dining area is surrounded by an herb and vegetable garden. In front of the guest room, a unique array of of hydrangeas surround two deck chairs. The last “green room: is a dedicated area for the client’s child to play, planted with fruit trees and berry bushes. The rooms will be defined by three small trees in custom planters, and all the other plants will be in vases.