PROJECT NAME:  Storage station for natural gas, Bordolano

TYPOLOGY: Proposal | Landscape | Medium size project

YEAR: 2011


ROLE:  Specialized Landscape consulter

MAIN DESIGNER:  Policreo S.r.l.

CONCEPT: Three park schemes, produced on behalf of Policreo S.r.l., present an opportunity to consider environmental mitigation/brownfield development as enhancing the emotional life of the surrounding community. Designed to enhance an area housing underground natural gas tanks, the new park will become a lush recreation center for the people of Bordolano,, a small village next to the beautiful Oglio river in the province of Cremona. The three proposed plans , rooted in regional landscape forms and vegetation, transform the existing industrial area into a “place to live.” The favored scheme, Hudor, includes a sinous central path, echoing the form of the nearby Oglio river. The path runs the length of the site, taking the user through a diverse system of habitats: wooden areas, ponds, prairies and more formal gardens.

All images realized in collaboration with Policreo S.r.l. | Propriety of Policreo S.r.l.