PROJECT NAME:  Mitigation studies

TYPOLOGY: Final Project | Landscape | Medium size project

YEAR: 2013


CLIENT: Policreo, Società di progettazione S.r.l.


CONCEPT: Developed on behalf of Policreo S.r.l., this installation of “heroic vineyards” along Morbegno’s SS38 road mitigates the ecological impact of new infrastructure in the Valtellina valley. The steep banks of the road, long uncultivated, will be transformed into research vineyards. The vineyard “laboratory” will be maintained and used by a local botanical school and visiting scholars for the promotion of ancient and rare grapes. (The study also proposes a more traditional approach of mitigation with local bushes and trees.)

All images realized in collaboration with Policreo S.r.l. | Propriety of Policreo S.r.l.