PROJECT NAME: Franciacorta in fiore

LOCATION: Cazzago San Martino (BS), Italy

TYPOLOGY: Built | Landscape | Small Size project

YEAR: 2012



CONTRUCTION: Metal work: Giorgio Lancelloti, Wood work: Falegnameria Vespini Amerigo

NURSERY PLANT: Vivaio Valfredda

PHOGRAPHY: Tiziana AriciAmerigo Lantieri de Paratico

CONCEPT: For the 2012 edition of the Garden Festival of Cazzago San Martino, has been design and built a small wooden pavilion as a showcase for the work of the Arc. Elena Stevanato. The pavilion has a metal structure that has been covered entirely by wooden planks of pine wood, in three different sizes. Vertically the pattern becomes tridimensional, providing shelves to expose the work made by images, models and publications.

Framed by a carpet of silverfish Festosa Glauca, the work was organised from the Master plan scale to the smallest case  to give a comprehensive window on the ability of the Architect to design at every scale. A small exposition to be slowly discovered, a small place to rest and learn the multiple side of the Landscape Architecture.