TYPOLOGY: Proposal| Landscape | Large size project

YEAR: 2011


CLIENT: City of Salò

COLLABORATORS: Arch. Mattia Somenzi, Stefania Naretto, Chiara Otella

CONCEPT: The Ark Park is located in Salò on the western/lower Part of Lake Garda. It connects two different habitats of the protected mountain area (Parco dell’Alto Garda) and the waterfront.  A 7 km public path will link the the mountain to the water, forming a central spine for a growing network of public and private parks along the way. The path winds through different gardens and over the mountaintop for a stunning view of the lake and the surrounding land. Starting from the vibrant redeveloped post-industrial townscape on the banks of the river,  the path proceeds through the Garden of Colors. . Beyond the city, the path moves through an adventure park, a golf course, and a labyrinth. Further up one encounters manmade ponds (biopools), glass gardens and tree hotels. The park takes its name from Noah’s Ark, a reference to the diversity of life within its environs.