PROJECT NAME:  Shade’s Graden, Orticola 2013

LOCATION: Milan, Italy

TYPOLOGY: Competition | Landscape | Small Size project

YEAR: 2013


CLIENT: Orticola di lombardia 2013

CONTRUCTION: Felice Mariani


PHOTOGRAPHER: Valentina Sommariva

CONCEPT: Across the ages, shade has always been the most rudimentary and essential place for rest, reflection and contemplation. The shade does not have defined boundaries. Its form changes continually according to the position of the sun and the clouds.  At noon and on certain moonless evenings, it vanishes. In this eternal dance of light and shade, there are rate moments when the moon’s path crosses the sun: the Eclipse. The idea of the Eclipse, which has fascinated humans across cultures and time, is the organizing concept for this particolar garden at the heart of the Orticola’s Garden Festival. Like a hidden oasis, this intimate, evocative space within the larger festival offers visitors a moment of fascination, contemplation, and quiet thought. 

Two concentric shapes remind us the phenomenon of eclipse, merging light and shade. Tracing the perimeter of the garden will actually lead you to the center of the garden, the secret part where guests will find colorful plantings and shade vegetation, presided over by a sculptural tree.