My interest in the shape and effects of landscape is comprehensive.

From the broad organizational strokes of a new city plan to the circulation patterns among a city’s carefully positioned pocket parks, to the smallest plant specimen in a skyscraper’s interior courtyard, curiosity and feeling drive my work in the studio as well as in the field. I have worked at every scale. For any project, whether it be a tabula rasa urban plan in Western China or a postcard study of seasonal ground cover in Lombardy’s Prealps, the first phase of my design process is intensive research. I spend hours at the site, taking notes, photographing, observing, learning the history of the site, mapping the existing elements on the ground and developing an understanding of how people experience these aspects of the space. I seek to find how everything is interconnected around a site, and to develop a design or plan that articulates these connections. Often, this pattern or natural logic determines the overarching plan, to be formally restated at every scale of the project.